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A happy dancing girl again A happy dancing girl


Cute chubby snowlady Wild Berry Princess Doings! She's tough Helix the Game Girl and Spikes Helix the Game Girl Eats a Cherry Helix the Game Girl and Enemies Helix the Game Girl Gets a Goin Helix the Game Girl Finds a Key Helix the Game Girl and the Boss


A nicer looking swamp monster, who's still dangerous A Swamp Monster Ethereal Lady A lady sitting. Green Fairy or Plump Pixie Thick Belly Dancer


A man and his tree View of the City A God and It's Symbols Theo as a Bonsai Tree A God and It's Symbols Nanda and a Manatee Square 1 cover art


Aliens wildlife. Lynn poses Here, have a Cthulhu Stabby likes to stab things. Flying Spaghetti Monster Dancing with a Girl A Transdimensional Monster Busy playing Black and White 2

The Ghost of Unavoidable Future Unplugged Mr. AnxietyHead Head Doctor Characters Look, it's a whale! Woman and a pole

Daily-ish Doodles 17 - 20 Daily-ish Doodles 11 - 16 Daily-ish Doodles 7 - 10 Daily-ish Doodles 1 - 6 I'm not dead yet! Being repeatedly disillusioned is killing me inside.


30 critters to print and cut out Clydia in Paril Down With Everything Booger Man with Ice Cream Feed Your Addictions Symmetrical Horn Girl Four Bipeds My head fell off and grew legs.

Theo with robotic arms Flower Pot Buddy 3 inch tall female statuette Mortality The Battle Continues


God Snail Odd Anatomy Somewhat androgynous A creepy Dr. Therapy Shame Stand Proud, for women Walk Proud, for men

Merv Portrait Dancing Characters on the beach 666 Faith: My Background The Provider

It's Dr. Therapy plushified It's Lynn plushified It's Merv plushified It's the Head Doctor plushified Monster Plushie Meet Ella

The Elefly is your new master. Ring Face Landscape Ring Face

I submitted Merv and Lynn into a contest. See: Here is Merv, dressed up and answering questions. And here is Lynn, doing the same.


Doll Yay, a pear! Elephantism in 3-D Follow Your Instincts It's Okay Guts and A Baby Snake Head Woman

Posterior of Two Women Mother Earth Fertility Sculpture Play me, a Song The Order of Things Elephant Island Self-Control


Sad Corner Lord's Supper Fly Guru Elephantism Cramped Anger I gave birth to a creature


God Wondering If there is an afterlife... Breakfast


A Skeleton Cheerleader, Head Arms, Brain Dude, Rings


A four-armed demon


An Alien

All the art and comics in Head Doctor Productions is done by Daniel Willingham. Therefore, he has all the rights to everything. So keep your hands off you theif! Head Doctor Productions is hosted on Comicgenesis, a free webhosting and site automation service for webcomics. Thanks Comicgenesis!