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The Book of Armless Theo part 2 includes the next 40 pages of Theo's story, plus a two page story of Ecolises, and a brief history of The City and its Sacred Text.

An incompetent god creates an imperfect world, but the inhabitants of that world don't see it that way. Theo is created with no arms, making life more difficult for him. Theo assumes his creator must have made him that way for a reason, he's just not sure what that reason could be. So Theo goes on a spiritual quest to find out why things are the way they are. --------The first 30 pages of The Book of Armless Theo, plus some extra content. $9.95, available through


Merv, the magic cook, is swollowed by a monster that came out of a cake and ends up in a strange land inhabited by women and a giant, two-faced teddy bear called "the Provider." Meanwhile, the Head Doctor thinks Merv is dead and is haunted by his dreams. ----- Contains four new comic pages just for the book. $10.66, available through

Head Doctor Productions Collection #1

78 black and white pages. Includes 7 short stories, 16 single page comics, loads of comic strips, and a four-page comic titled "Aged" that has never been on the site. $7.97, plus shipping and handling.

Head Doctor Productions Collection #2

30 pages of multiple and single-page comics, 4 comic strips, and 10 pages of oldies from 2001-2002. These include the "Cooking With Magic" comics, both rescanned to look nice in print; the four page "Loner" story, and the four page "Muse Search." Plus, another four page comic never seen online. $8.50

7 pages, black and white. Contains the the "Aged" story and two other short comics. All three of these are in the Head Doctor Collections #1 book, but if you want something smaller and cheaper, here it is. $5.36, plus shipping and handling. Or $0.69 to download.

Wandering Hand: Doodles and Sketches

24 pages, 6" x 9", collection of sketches and doodles. $6.89, available through

The Order of Things

Numbered people are born from a machine in the middle of an otherwise empty world. The highest numbers strugle to stay in power. $6.61

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